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Create a Custom Document

A Custom Document is a form of Linked Document, and therefore is associated with an element in the model. However, Linked Documents usually contain static information specific to the host element, whereas the main feature of a Custom Document is that it contains automatically refreshed information on several objects from anywhere in the model. Therefore, the main method of creating a Custom Document also generates a Document Artifact element to host the document, in a selected Package.



(Click on selected parent Package.)

Publish > Model Reports > Custom Document

Create the Document

When you select the ribbon option, the system displays a prompt to provide the document name.

After you type in the name and click on the OK button, the system opens the document in the document editor and prompts you to select any document template you have decided to use as the base template, to provide the cover pages, tables of content, styles and boiler plate text for the whole document.

If you do not want to use a document template you can select 'None' from the drop-down.

When you click on the OK button, the document is populated with any template boiler-plate text and fields, and the document is ready for you to add content.

Alternative Method - Use a Document Artifact

You can mimic the main approach by creating your own Document Artifact element and then creating a Linked Document on it, which you can also populate with Static and Dynamic content.

Firstly, open a diagram and drag a 'Document' icon from the 'Documents' page of the Toolbox onto that diagram. Give the Artifact element a name. Double-click on the Artifact to open the Linked Document editor (or click on the Artifact and select the 'Design > Element > Manage > Edit Linked Document' ribbon option). Enterprise Architect will then prompt you to select a template for the overall document (as for the Publish ribbon icon).