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Report on Structural Elements

As part of your model, you might have created structural elements on an element, such as:

  • ActivityParameter
  • RequiredInterface
  • ActionPin
  • Port
  • EntryPoint
  • ExpansionNode
  • ObjectNode
  • ProvidedInterface
  • ExitPoint
  • Part

When you design a document report template, you can add a section to specifically identify and report on these structural elements.



Publish > Model Reports > Templates > Sections


'Resources' tab of the Browser window | Document Publishing | Custom Templates | <template type> : right-click on a template | Open > Sections

Add section to report on structural elements on an element



See also

Add section

Select the 'Package > Element > Embedded Elements' checkbox. The embedded elements section markers are added to the template:

     embedded elements >

     <embedded elements

When the report is generated from the template, any structural elements are listed with their parent element.


  • The 'Embedded Elements' section does not contain the same sub-sections as the parent 'Element' section, such as Scenario or Attribute; if you do not define fields in the 'Embedded Elements' section, it defaults to displaying the same detail as is in the 'Element' section, whereas if you do add fields, only those field values are shown

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