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Updating the SysMLSim Configuration

In releases of Enterprise Architect prior to Release 15.2, for each Part/Property the type and options were defined within the Configure SysML Simulation window, opened from the SysMLSim Configuration Artifact. This approach is still valid and available; however, using the latest features of the SysPhS Standard you can now define simulation parameters in the model itself, meaning you can generate to different simulation tools (Simulink and Modelica), from the same model and make adjustments at an elemental level.

If you prefer to use the SysPhS option, you can update recent simulation configurations to reflect the use of the SysPhS standard, and support simulation through different tools.

To update the existing configurations:

  1. Ensure that you have a Package Import reference to the SysPhS Simulation Libraries. For more details see the Help topic Referencing the SysPhS Simulation Libraries.
  2. Open the diagram containing the Block element of the simulation. For example:
  3. Notice the Property elements (in our illustration, x, y and lambda) in the Browser window; neither there, nor in the diagram, nor in the Properties window is it possible to see what type of property each one is.
  4. In the element in the diagram, click on a Property and, in the 'Stereotype' field in the Properties window, click on the Browse. icon to display the 'Stereotype for <propertyname>' dialog. Ensure that the 'Perspective' field is set to 'All Systems Engineering' and the Profile field is set to 'SysPhS'.
  5. Click on the checkbox for the appropriate property type - PhSVariable or PhSConstant - and click on the OK button.
  6. Note how the constants and variables are assigned to their own element compartments on the diagram, and how the Property types (as stereotypes) can also be seen in the Browser window.
  7. Notice also that, in the Properties window, you can see the Stereotype defining the type of the property, and the options for that property type (as Tagged Values) as defined in the SysPhS standard.
  8. Finally, if you open the Configure SysML Simulation window for the SysMLSim Configuration Artifact for this simulation, you will see again that the Properties are identified and grouped by type.

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