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Code Miner Libraries

Code Miner libraries are managed in Enterprise Architect using the Analyzer Script Editor. These Libraries are a collection of Code Miner databases, one of which would normally exist for each framework or project. The Analyzer Script Editor allows new databases to be created, and existing databases to be added, updated or removed. Together, these databases form the Code Miner Library used by the Code Analyzer and Intelli-sense features of Enterprise Architect. The library can be used locally, or it can be deployed to a server location where it can service multiple clients. You select the scenario to use on the 'Sparx Intel Service' page of the Analyzer Script.

This feature is available from Enterprise Architect Release 14.1.

Code Miner Query Library in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


On the Execution Analyzer window, locate and double-click on the required script - the script editor dialog will display.  On that dialog, select the 'Code Miner > Libraries' page.


Execute > Tools > Analyzer,  or

Develop > Source Code > Execution Analyzer > Edit Analyzer Scripts

Creating a New Database

On the 'Code Miner | Libraries' page of the Analyzer's Script Editor, click on the 'New' button to create a new database.

In the 'Create Code Miner Database' dialog, specify the folder(s) containing the project source code, select the programming language and enter the destination path for the Code Miner database. When you click on the 'Compile' button, details of the build are displayed in the log window.

When the process is complete click on the 'Add' button to add the newly created database to the library.

For detailed information on creating new databases, please see the Help topic Creating a New Code Miner Database.

Adding an Existing Database

Select an existing Code Miner database using the "..." selection button in the database path field.

(Code Miner databases have the .CDB file extension), then click on the Add button. Details about the database are listed in the library. The information presented displays the programming language grammar used to build the database. Also shown is the code base path parsed during the build and whether the parsing process was applied recursively through any sub directories.

Updating a Database

From time to time, as you update the source code for a project, you will want to update the Code Miner database built from that source code.

To update a single Code Miner database, select it from the list, right-click and choose 'Update selected' from its context menu. A dialog similar to the 'Create Database' dialog will display.  Click on the 'Compile' button, the Code Miner will recreate the database from the updated code base.

Removing a Database

To remove  a single Code Miner database, select it from the list and choose 'Remove Selected' from its context menu.

Configuring Enterprise Architect to use a Code Miner Library

In an Enterprise Architect Analyzer Script, choose the 'Sparx Intel Service' page and select 'Use Library'. Enterprise Architect then sources its Intelli-sense information from the databases listed in the 'Libraries' section of the currently active Analyzer Script.

Using a code miner query library in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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