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Code Template Customization

Enterprise Architect helps you to generate source code from UML models for a wide range of programming languages. Standard templates (mappings) are provided out-of-the-box but you can customize the way that code is generated by using the practical and flexible Code Template Framework (CTF). This sophisticated framework allows you to customize every detail of the way code is generated, including the facility to create new templates for languages not supported in the base product. For example, JavaScript is not one of the supported languages but a series of templates can be written quickly to generate JavaScript from UML models. In these cases existing templates act as a useful starting point and reference for new languages.

The code template framework also provides the mechanism for generation of behavioral models and is used for the transformation templates.




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Default Code Templates are built into Enterprise Architect for forward engineering supported languages.

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A Code Template Editor is provided for creating and maintaining user-defined Code Templates.

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Descriptions of the template syntax and the macros and functions you can use to control the effects of the templates.

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A subset of the default Code Templates to synchronize code.

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