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Code Generation from Decision Models

It is possible to generate the method code of a Class from an Activity element, based on the logic defined in its Decision Table, by placing the Activity as a child of the Class element from which the code is generated.

Set up Class and generate code



See also


Create an Activity with a Decision Table.

Decision Table Editor


Make the Activity element a child of a Class element.

Drop Elements from Browser Window


Select the Class and press F11 to open the 'Generate Code' dialog, and generate the code.

Generate a Single Class


Press F12 to view the generated source code.

Decision Table Code Templates

Code Generation from a Decision Table automatically applies these EASL code generation templates:

  • Behavior Body
  • Decision Table
  • Decision Logic
  • Decision Condition
  • Decision Action


  • Currently C++ is the only language implemented in the EASL templates for Decision Table code generation
  • You can use ActivityParameters to define method parameters
  • You can add Attributes to the Activity element to define local variables
  • The Decision Tables facility is available in the Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect

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