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Find File

The Find in Files window 'Find File' tab provides a tool that can help you find files quicker. The tab acts as a file system explorer and offers a speedy alternative to the common open file dialog. File searches are quick and simple, allowing you to look up files of interest without losing your current workflow. The display can be switched between report and list view.



Explore > Search > Files > Find File

Keyboard Shortcuts



The toolbar provides a search filter and folder navigation combo box. The toolbar provides options to remember search locations and alternate between list and report views.

Find file toolbar


Up Arrow

Click to navigate to the parent folder.


The filter control allows you to exclude files that do not match the criteria you type. The wildcard symbol * is automatically appended to the text so it is not necessary to add it yourself. To search for all files that contain the term 'jvm' simply type 'jvm'. To find .png images containing the term 'red' you could type *red*.png. Press the Enter key to update the results.


Enter the path of a directory and press the Enter key to display the files in that location

Use the drop down list to select from book-marked locations for the current model. Locations can be managed by using the toolbar menu.


Allows you to manage the locations displayed in the directory combo.

  • Remember Path - stores the current value of the 'Directory' field so that, when you return to the Find in Files window at a later point the 'Directory' field either defaults to that value (if it is the only 'remembered' value) or offers the value in the drop-down list
  • Forget Path - clears the current value from memory so that it is not offered as a possible value for the 'Directory' field
  • Remember Filter - stores the current value in the 'Filter' field so that when you return to the Find in Files window at a later point the 'Filter' field defaults to that value
  • Forget Filter - removes the 'Filter' field value from memory so that it is not placed in the field next time you access the window

Report View

In this view the list displays the columns 'Name', 'Modified Date', 'Type' and 'Size'.

Columns can be sorted in either ascending or descending order. Click the column a third time to remove the sort order.

List View

The list view removes columns and is convenient when a folder contains many files.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Sets focus to the filter control.

Ctrl+Up Arrow

Navigates to the parent folder.


Navigates to the parent folder.


If a folder is selected, opens the folder, otherwise opens the selected files.