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Languages Supported

The Source Code Editors can display code in a wide range of languages, as listed here. For each language, the editor highlights - in colored text - the standard code syntax.

  • Ada (.ada, .ads, .adb)
  • ActionScript (.as)
  • BPEL Document (.bpel)
  • C++ (.h, .hh, .hpp, .c, .cpp, .cxx)
  • C# (.cs)
  • DDL Structured Query Language (.sql)
  • Delphi/Pascal (.pas)
  • Diff/Patch Files (.diff, .patch)
  • Document Type Definition (.dtd)
  • DOS Batch Files (.bat)
  • DOS Command Scripts (.cmd)
  • HTML (.html)
  • Interface Definition Language (.idl, .odl)
  • Java (.java)
  • JavaScript (.javascript)
  • JScript (.js)
  • Modified Backus-Naur Form Grammar (.mbnf)
  • PHP (.php, .php4, .inc)
  • Python (.py)
  • Standard Generalized Markup Language (.sgml)
  • SystemC (.sc)
  • Visual Basic 6 (.bas)
  • VB.NET (.vb)
  • VBScript (.vbs)
  • Verilog (.v)
  • VHSIC Hardware Description Language (.vhdl)
  • Visual Studio Resource Configuration (.rc)
  • XML (eXtensible Markup Language) (.xml)
  • XSD (XML Schema Definition)
  • XSL (XML Stylesheet Language)

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