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Set Database Table Owner/Schema

For some DBMSs all Tables must be assigned an Owner/Schema. In Enterprise Architect this property is physically defined as a Tagged Value with the name Owner. However, a special properties page is provided to help you easily manage the Owner property.


Select a Table in the Browser window or on a diagram then, using any of the methods outlined here, open the Table's 'Properties' dialog, display the 'General' tab and display the 'Table Detail' child tab.


Design > Element > Editors > Properties > << table >>

Context Menu

Right-click on the Table element | Properties |Special Action > General > Table Detail

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift+Enter | General | Table Detail


Double-click on the Table element |'General' | 'Table Detail'

Set the Database Table owner



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In the 'Owner' field, type the name of the owner or schema of the Table.

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