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Browser - UML Profiles in Resources

The 'Resources' tab of the Browser window contains a tree structure with entries for a range of items including UML Profiles. The UML Profiles node initially contains no entries; to be able to use Profiles from the 'Resources' tab you must import them into the project from external XML files.

Items in a Profile represent stereotypes. These can be applied to UML elements in the several ways; for example, stereotypes that apply to:

  • Elements such as Classes and interfaces can be dragged directly from the 'Resources' tab to the current diagram, automatically creating a stereotyped element; alternatively, they can be dragged onto existing elements, automatically applying them to the element
  • Attributes can be drag-and-dropped onto a host element (such as a Class); a stereotyped attribute is automatically added to the element's feature list
  • Operations are the same as those that apply to attributes; drag-and-drop onto a host element to add the stereotyped operation
  • Connectors such as Associations, Generalizations, Messages and Dependencies are added by selecting them in the 'Resources' tab of the Browser window, then clicking on the start element in a diagram and dragging to the end element (in the same manner as adding normal connectors); a stereotyped connector is added
  • Association ends can be added by dragging the connector end element over the end of an Association in the diagram

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