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Add Views

This example shows a customized view called Java Code View, which has been added to the end of the list of Views in the Browser window.

An image showing a customized view added to the end of the Views list in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


In the Browser window, select a model root node, then:


Design > Package > Add Package

Context Menu

Right-click on root node | Add View


Package Browser caption bar menu | New Package

Create a View

These fields are on the 'Create Package' dialog, which has a 'Set View Type' icon that is only active for View-level Packages.



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Type the name of the View (in the example, this is 'Java Code View').

Click on this icon and select the appropriate menu option to set the icon to display next to the View name (the Java Code View has a Class icon).


Click on this button to add the View to the Browser window.

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