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Diagram Properties - Features

The features - attributes and operations - of an element have a number of properties that you can show or hide on a diagram, or use to show or hide the features themselves. You control how the features are displayed using the 'Features' tab of the diagram 'Properties' dialog.



Design > Diagram > Manage > Properties > Features

Context Menu

Right-click diagram in Browser window | Properties > Features

Right-click background of open diagram | Properties > Features

Define the display of features on the diagram



See also

Show Qualifiers and Visibility Indicators

Select this checkbox to show the qualifiers and visibility indicators of each feature on the diagram.

Qualifiers include such things as the 'derived' symbol (/) and the public key symbol (PK).

Visibility indicators include such things as +, -, # and ~, which indicate the scope of access of the item (such as an attribute, operation or role).

Qualifiers Modeling Conventions

Show Stereotypes

Select this checkbox to show the stereotypes of all features that have them.

Deselect the checkbox to hide the stereotypes.

Show Operation Return Type

Select this checkbox to display the return data type of each operation.

Show Property String

Select this checkbox to show the advanced property string for all element features, for example, {readOnly}.

Suppress Brackets for Operations Without Parameters

Select this checkbox to suppress brackets on operations that have no parameters; that is, Opn; rather than Opn();.

Always Show Linked Features

Select this checkbox to force display of linked attributes and operations, regardless of the setting of any other option that might hide them.

Connect to Element Feature

Visible Class Members

Select the appropriate checkboxes to show Class members according to their scope and methods that specify properties.

Show Attribute Detail

Click on the drop-down arrow and select whether to show both the attribute name and type, or the attribute name only.

Show Parameter Detail

Click on the drop-down arrow and select how to display method parameters:

  • None - No details shown
  • Type Only - Show the type of parameter only
  • Full Details - Show all details of each parameter
  • Name Only - Show the name of the parameter only

Supress Compartment Items

These three edit control fields each suppress the display of the feature names listed in the field, in the corresponding feature-type compartment of an element depicted on the diagram.

  • In the 'Attributes' field, list the attributes to suppress in the Attributes compartment of the element
  • In the 'Operations' field, list the operations to suppress in the Operations compartment of the element
  • In the 'Tag Names' field, list the tags to suppress in the Tagged Values compartment of the element

You can type the feature names separated by commas or by carriage returns.


If you have finished updating the diagram properties, click on this button to save the changes and close the 'Properties' dialog.


If you do not want to save the changes you have made, click on this button to discard the changes and close the dialog.


Click on this button to display this Help topic.