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Check In a Model Branch

If you need to check in a number of related Packages involved in a particular unit of work, and that you have updated, you can do so in a single operation by checking in the whole model branch that contains them. You can also commit new revisions of the affected Packages as you complete milestones, whilst keeping the Packages checked-out for further editing.


Context Menu

Right-click on Package > Package Control > Check In Branch

Check in Packages from within a model branch



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The 'Select Packages to Check-in' dialog lists all Version Controlled and checked-out Packages within the selected model branch. By default, the entire list is selected.


  • Click an individual Package to select just that Package
  • Ctrl+click on an individual Package to add or remove it from the selection
  • Shift+click on a range of Packages to select them
  • Click on the All button to select all listed Packages
  • Click on the None button to clear the selection


Optionally, you can commit into Version Control a new revision of all selected Packages, while keeping those Packages checked out for further editing. To do this, select the 'Keep packages checked-out after committing new revision' checkbox.


Click on the OK button.

The 'Add Comment' dialog displays. A default comment is provided that contains the current date and time. This comment is applied to all Packages that are checked in.


Optionally, modify the default check-in comment.


Click on the OK button.

The selected Packages are exported and checked-in. The Package icons are updated to reflect any change in Version Control status. If you opted to keep Packages checked out, there is no change in status.

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