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Compare a Model to Baselines

A Baseline is created with an intention that it could be required as a backup or point of reference at some time in the future, so that a model that has changed can be compared with the snapshot and differences determined. This might be required just to identify that differences exist, or so that the entire Package or individual changes can be rolled back to the state contained in the Baseline (snapshot).

The first step in this process is to locate the required Baseline and then to identify the differences. The Baseline Comparison tool can be used to visualize the changes that have occurred between the time of the Baseline and the current time. Individual changes are not recorded as they are in the auditing facility, but rather the accumulative results of the changes are presented.

Find Baselines

You can locate the Baselines for a model by selecting a Package in the Browser and then opening the Manage Baselines window. In the event that you have forgotten or are unsure of the location of one or more Baselines you can use the Model Search utility to locate all Packages that have Baselines. The window conveniently displays the name of the Package and the Baseline Version, Date and Notes. From this window you can locate the Package in the Browser window and then launch the Manage Baselines window.