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Example Comparison

This diagram shows the result of a comparison between a Package (Log in/out Use Cases) in the current project and that Package in a Baseline captured at an earlier date.

The results of the comparison are displayed on the 'Comparison Utility' view.

An example baseline comparison in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

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A hierarchy of model elements is displayed in the left-hand pane.

From the triangle-based icons and the highlighted lines on the report, it is clearly visible which items in the hierarchy have, since the Baseline was captured, been:

  • Changed
  • Deleted from the model (in the Baseline only)
  • Added to the model (in the Model only) or
  • Switched to different Packages (changes in the Parent Package property)

If you click on an item in the left hand pane, the right-hand pane displays a table of properties showing the values of those properties in the current model and in the Baseline.

For each property where there is a difference between the model and the Baseline, the row is highlighted.

The 'Compare Utility' view enables you to perform operations (such as merging or rolling back changes) on the reported information, using the toolbar, context menu and keyboard.

Compare Utility View Options

Increase Level of Detail

The right panel of the 'Compare Utility' view might, for some fields, display only part of the value.

It might also not be immediately obvious what a change is.

In either case, you can double-click on the property to display full details and to highlight the exact differences; this example shows the highlighted changes to the 'Name' property.

Showing a difference in a baseline comparison in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


  • The Compare utility is available in the Professional, Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect