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Data Miner Toolbox

To create Data Miner elements and relationships on Data Miner diagrams, you can use the 'Data Miner' page of the Diagram Toolbox. The Data Miner diagram and several model patterns can be accessed through the Model Wizard (Start Page 'Create from Pattern' tab), while a number of model templates, model elements and connectors specific to the Data Miner facility can be accessed from the Diagram Toolbox.


Use the methods outlined here for displaying the Diagram Toolbox for the Data Miner and accessing Model Wizard patterns.


Perspective > Management > Data Miner

Model Wizard

Set the Perspective: Perspective > Management > Data Miner

Use the Model Wizard (Start Page 'Create from Pattern' tab) (Ctrl+Shift+M):

  • Management >  Data Miner > (select pattern) or
  • Diagram > Type > Management > Data Miner > (select Data Miner diagram)


Design > Diagram > Toolbox -  Search to display the 'Find Toolbox Item' dialog and specify 'Data Miner'.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+Shift+3 : Toolbox hamburger icon | Data Miner

Data Miner Elements


Use to


Defines a connection to an external data source.


Defines an intermediate element in the link between a DMconnection and a DMscript which is used to process the data.


The element type that contains JavaScript script(s) for retrieving data using the Automation Interface.

Data Miner Connectors


Use to

Data Source

Used for setting a connection from a DMSet to a DMConnection.

Data Harvester

Defines a connection from a DMScript to a DMSet.

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