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Data Miner Visualizer

If you are using an SQL query, the Data Miner Visualizer is a handy way to see the data that will be retrieved by the Data Miner. It provides a quick and easy means to modify the SQL query and check the returned data.

To create a query:

  • Right click the DMSet element
  • Select 'Open Data Miner Visualizer'.
  • Type in the query to be run
  • Click the play button.

For a correct SQL statement this will return a set of rows containing the retrieved data.

Where there are connections to multiple DMConnection elements, use the drop-down to select another DMConnection.

The Data Miner Visualizer has two tabs:

  • Query
    This is where the SQL query is defined.
    Click on button to test the query.
    Click on the Save button to save the query to the DMSet - Query.
  • Scratch Pad
    The Scratch Pad can be used to test out new queries without having them saved to the DMSet element.
    Click on button to test the query.