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Open Package in the Browser Window

When you access a model in Enterprise Architect, you can explore the contents of any Package in the Browser window by clicking on the white arrow to the left of the Package name, to expand the Package structure. You can, in an analogous way, collapse an expanded Package by clicking the black triangle to the left of the Package name. If the model has a default diagram (which displays automatically when you open a repository) the diagram's parent Package will already be expanded.

To display the Package's properties, select the Package name and view the docked Properties window. Alternatively, right-click on the Package name and select the 'Properties | Properties' menu option; the Properties window displays for the Package.


  • Package contents are arranged alphabetically, and elements can be dragged from one Package to another using the computer mouse
  • To collapse the Package structure again, click on the black arrow to the left of the Package name in the Browser window
  • To refresh the view of the Package contents, click on the Package in the Browser window and press the F5 key

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