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Simulation Toolbox

The 'Simulation' page of the Diagram Toolbox provides a range of Simulation Artifacts that can be easily created by simply dragging them onto a diagram. Each of the different Artifacts encapsulates specifications or parameters that are required to run the simulation represented by the Artifact.

Each of the Artifact types is described in the Types of Simulation Artifact table.

Types of Simulation Artifact



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Business Process Simulation Artifact

A Business Process Simulation Artifact represents and contains the configuration data for a Business Process Simulation. BPSim Artifacts can be created on a diagram in any Package in the same project as the BPMN model that you are working with.

You can specify 'base' and 'variation' Artifacts using Generalization connectors, so that the variations inherit the data you have defined in the 'base' Artifact. This way, you do not have to keep re-defining the whole configuration in every Artifact you create.

BPSim Configuration

SysMLSim Configuration Artifact

The SysMLSim Configuration Artifact encapsulates the run-time parameters for executing the simulation of a SysML model.

Double-click the Artifact to display the Configure SysML Simulation window.  This window is the interface through which you specify the parameters for the simulation.

Configure SysML Simulation

Executable StateMachine Artifact

An Executable StateMachine Artifact is the vehicle through which you can generate, build (compile) and execute - via simulation - code for a StateMachine or complex of StateMachines.

Each StateMachine is the child of a Class element; when you drag the Class from the Browser window onto the Artifact element, it is pasted inside the Artifact as a Part. You can paste several Classes - and, therefore, Parts - into a single Artifact.

Having set up the Executable StateMachine Artifact, you use simple context menu options on the Artifact to perform the code generation, build and execution operations on all StateMachines bound within the Artifact.

Executable StateMachines Code Generation - StateMachines Example: Executable StateMachine

DMN Simulation Configuration Artifact

A DMN Simulation Configuration Artifact contains information that defines the simulation of a DMN model depicted by Decision Requirement diagrams.

Double-clicking on the Artifact opens the DMN Simulation window, from which you can run simulations of the Decision Model, perform validation, generate code and generate test modules.

Simulate DMN Model

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