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TFS Workspaces

In order to use TFS to provide Version Control of the Packages in a model, you prepare a functional TFS workspace that can be accessed through an Enterprise Architect Version Control configuration within that model. You use the TFS workspace to map a local working folder on your PC to a Source Control Folder within a TFS project repository.

It is assumed that have TFS 2013 open and a TFS Team Project already exists for you to use in Version Control of the Packages of your Enterprise Architect project. You can create the TFS workspace through MS Visual Studio.

TFS 2013 and later versions support the use of Local workspaces. However, Local workspaces do not support the application of checkout locks. For this reason, Sparx Systems strongly advises against the use of Local workspaces when Version Controlling your Enterprise Architect Package files. Using Local workspaces carries a high risk of merge conflicts when checking in, which would almost certainly result in loss of data or a corrupted model database.

Map a local folder to a TFS Source Control Folder



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Connect to your TFS server.

From the TFS main menu, choose 'View | Team Explorer'.

In the Team Explorer toolbar, click on the Connect to Team Projects button (fourth from left, with a power plug icon).

The 'Team Explorer Connect' page displays.


Click on the link 'Select Team Projects...'

The 'Connect to Team Foundation Server' dialog displays.


Click on the appropriate Team Foundation Server, Team Project Collection and Team Project, then click on the Connect button.


Click on the Home page of the Team Explorer, and then on the Source Control Explorer button.

The Source Control Explorer view displays.


In the Source Control Explorer, click on the drop-down arrow in the 'Workspace' field in the toolbar, then click on 'Workspaces' at the bottom of the list.

The 'Manage Workspaces' dialog displays.


Click on the Add button.

The 'Add Workspace' dialog displays.


Click on the Advanced button.

A number of new fields display on the dialog.


Type in an appropriate name for the new workspace and, if required, type in a comment.


Set the 'Location' field to 'Server'. This setting is important.

This setting is not available in TFS 2010 and earlier releases, where all workspaces are Server based.


Click in the Source Control Folder column, then click on the Browse button to select a Source Control Folder.

Select the Source Control folder (in the Team Project) to use for controlling Enterprise Architect Packages.


Click on the Browse button in the 'Local Folder' column and create a new local folder.

This is the working copy folder into which Enterprise Architect exports the Package files.


Click on the OK button.

The new workspace is created and saved.

The 'Add Workspace' dialog closes.


Click on the OK button.

The 'Manage Workspaces' dialog closes.


  • The local folder referenced in step 11 is the Working Copy Path that should be specified when defining an Enterprise Architect Version Control Configuration to use this TFS workspace

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