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SCC Settings

When you are setting up your Version Control configurations on the 'Version Control Settings' dialog, and you set the configuration type to 'SCC', the dialog presents a set of fields specific to SCC-based configurations. You can then define details such as:

  • The working copy folder to be used with the configuration
  • The details necessary to connect to the SCC Version Control system

You set the Version Control configuration type to SCC for version Control providers such as:

  • MS Visual Source Safe
  • Rational Clear Case
  • Perforce
  • AccuRev
  • Any other SCC-compatible clients



Settings > Version Control > Project-VC : Type: SCC

Context Menu

Right-click on Package > Package Control > Version Control Settings: Type: SCC




See also

Local Project Path

Displays the full path of the folder that contains the local (working) copies of the XMI Package files.

This field is read-only; its value can only be set through use of the Select Path button.

Select Path

Click on this button to choose the Local Project Path, by opening a file browser dialog and navigating through the file system to the appropriate folder.

  • After you choose the appropriate folder path, the 'Select SCC Provider' dialog displays, listing all SCC providers that are installed on the current workstation; choose the SCC provider to use and click on the OK button
  • At this point, the SCC client opens its own dialog to prompt you for information; SCC products implement this functionality in varied ways, but typically you are prompted to log in to the Version Control system, then prompted to choose the SCC project to use and possibly a (server) folder contained within that project
  • At the conclusion of this process, all of the SCC details should be filled in; you can then save the definition by clicking on the Save button on the 'Version Control Settings' dialog
System Requirements Version Control Settings

Current User

Displays the user name used to log on to the Version Control system that is accessed through this configuration.

This field is read-only; the value it displays is retrieved from the SCC client.

SCC Provider

Displays the name of the SCC provider.

This field is read-only; the value it displays is retrieved from the SCC client.

SCC Project

Displays the name of the SCC Project that this configuration attaches to.

This field is read-only; the value it displays is retrieved from the SCC client.


  • You define the SCC-specific details as part of the broader process of setting up a Version Control Configuration on the 'Version Control Settings' dialog