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Add Pattern Dialog

The 'Add Pattern <pattern group> <pattern name> to Diagram' dialog displays when you are using or editing a Design Pattern element.




Pattern Elements

Access the individual elements contained in the Pattern.

From here you can:

  • Select the action for the individual element (Create, Merge, Instance or Type, as applicable for each element) by clicking on the drop-down arrow, or
  • Modify the default of the Pattern element or - for a merged element - choose the namespace, by clicking on the Browse. button on the right of the Default entry


Displays a preview of the Pattern.

Use Auto Names

Select this checkbox if you want to apply the element auto-naming convention defined for the project.

Element Notes

Display the comments that describe the element in the Pattern.

Highlight an element in the 'Pattern Elements' panel to view the notes.

Import as Package Fragment

Select this option to import the Pattern on a new diagram instead of the current diagram.

Click on the OK button. Enterprise Architect will :

  • Create a new Package, with the same name as that of the Pattern, under the currently selected Package in the Browser window
  • Create a new diagram, with the same name as that of the Pattern, under this Package
  • Import the Pattern into the new diagram


  • When the option 'Import as Package Fragment' is selected, the 'Pattern Elements' section and 'Use Auto Names' option will become disabled