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Assign Action Pins

Apart from adding Action Pins to any Action, you can assign specialized input or output Action Pins to Actions that have a specific type (that is, those that are not Basic or Atomic Actions). These input/output Pins signify various properties of the Action - they are not visible as structures on the diagram unless they have previously been added, but are listed in the Browser window as properties of the Action.

You can only assign Pins that have already been added or assigned to the Action, or that are being created specifically to be assigned to the Action.

Assign Action Pins to an Action



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Click on the Action in the diagram and, in the docked Properties window, click on the 'Action' tab. Click on the drop-down arrow in the 'Kind' field and ensure that you have the correct Action type, then click on the Save icon.


Click on the 'Element' tab, and select the stereotype properties group. The group contains different fields depending on the Action type. The fields are populated by typing in or browsing for the appropriate object name or selecting a checkbox.

If you use a Browser screen, you can either browse for and assign existing objects - in this case, ActionPins - or click on the Add New button and create and assign a new Action Pin.

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Note that the Action Pins do not display on the diagram, but are shown in the Browser window under the Action element.

Click on the OK button to return to the Properties window.


  • To check the exact location of an assigned Action Pin, you can right-click on the Pin name in the Properties window and select the 'Find in Project Browser' option