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Business Motivation Model (BMM)

Create Models Visualizing Ends ( Missions), Means (Strategies), Influencers and Assessments

A Business Motivation Model (BMM) effectively describes a Business Plan visually. The elements and relationships that make up an enterprise BMM are developed from a business perspective and will be meaningful to corporate executives, strategists and business line managers. You develop a BMM as a precursor to detailed business analysis of a system, or the design or technical implementation of a project. Using Enterprise Architect's handy element tracing capabilities the elements created in these down-stream activities can be traced (linked) back to elements in the BMM. This ensures that solutions are firmly connected to the business intent.

The Business Motivation Model provides the scaffolding for creating business plans that can be communicated to the entire business and technology staff so everyone understands the overall direction of the business and what events and influencers are important in the scope of an organization's operation. The scope of an enterprise BMM might be the entire enterprise, or an organization unit such as a division, department or branch within it. You can also model governance for and guidance to the business using Business Policies and Business Rules, which can be linked to other models in the tool such as Business Processes created with Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).

BMM showing how Means support Ends and also the Assessment of an Influencer

Enterprise Architect's rich and effective collaboration features allow you to discuss, chat and review the models with other team members - both business and technical.  The Cloud-based products that can be used with the Pro Cloud Server allow you to disseminate the models and their intent to a wide audience inside and outside your organization.

The Business Motivation Model (BMM) is integrated with Enterprise Architect and provided with the Enterprise Architect installer.