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Getting Started

Start Business Motivation Modeling with Enterprise Architect

Selecting the Perspective

Enterprise Architect partitions the tool's extensive features into Perspectives. This ensures that you can focus on a specific task and work with the tools you need without the distraction of other features. To work with the Business Motivation Model features you first need to select this Perspective:

     Choose perspective button.<perspective name> > Business Modeling > Business Motivation

Setting the Perspective ensures that the Business Motivation Model diagrams, their Toolbox pages and other features of the Perspective will be available by default.

Example Diagram

An example diagram provides a visual introduction to the topic and allows you to see some of the important elements and connectors that are created in specifying or describing the things that motivate a business.

Modeling with BMM

This topic introduces the Business Motivation Model (BMM) profile, which covers the diagrams, Toolbox pages and elements that you will work with, including Missions, Desired Results, Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics, Influencing Organizations and more. You are able to select the BMM perspective from the Business group, which will set the tool up for modeling Business Motivation such as is prevalent in large and medium-sized enterprises needing to understand the basis for their business activities and the parties they interact with.

More Information

This section provides links to other topics and resources that you will find useful when working with the Business Motivation Model tool features.