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Data Sets

Each InputData element typed by an ItemDefinition has a set of components, and multiple data sets can be defined to provide different sets of values for those components. With this feature, a user performing a DMN Simulation can quickly test the result of a decision by choosing different data sets. The data sets are associated with and based on the ItemDefinition, but you can also work on them via the InputData element.

You add or update data sets using the 'Edit Data Set' dialog, which you invoke from the DMN Expression window for either the ItemDefinition or the InputData element. Initially, the 'Edit Data Set' dialog shows a single set of components with no values, under the set name 'default'. You can either leave this set with no values, or provide values; either way, you can use this as a template to duplicate for new data sets. You cannot delete the 'default' data set.

When you access an InputData element in the DMN Expression window, the values in the 'default' data set are shown against the components of the element. You can then click on the drop-down arrow in the toolbar and select any other data set from the list. Note that if you leave the 'default' data set untouched, you can create a duplicate 'default' data set and assign values to it, and that 'default' set will provide the values when you initially access the InputData element.

You can duplicate and delete any other data set that you create, export the data sets to a CSV file and import them from a CSV file.

Note that if you create a data set and do not enter values, it is discarded when you close the dialog.



Simulate > Decision Analysis > DMN > DMN Expression > click on InputData item : icon


In a diagram, double-click on the DMN InputData element : icon.

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See also

Click on this button to create a new data set.

Click on this button to delete the selected data set.

Click this button to duplicate the selected data set.

Click on this button to save the data sets to the InputData.

Click on this button to reload the data sets for the InputData.

Click on this button to import data sets from a CSV file.

Click on this button to export the datasets to a CSV file.

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