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Example Diagram

Using Eriksson-Penker Business Extensions (EPBE) diagrams you can model the processes of an enterprise and embellish them with useful objects such as an Actor or the Event that starts the process. You can add new elements to the diagram from the EPBE Toolbox pages, or existing ones dragged from the Browser window. In this example we see a Loan Applicant (Actor) submitting a Loan Application (Event) which initiates the Process Loan Application (Process). The goal (from the bank's point of view) is to acquire a customer and the output is an approved loan and a new customer.

Eriksson-Penker Process diagram showing a Loan Application including the Goal and Inputs and Outputs

Any number of business process diagram can be created including hierarchies of processes. Enterprise Architect allows you to drill-down and drill-up making it easy to explore the hierarchy. The processes can also be traced to other elements such as: Requirements, Use Cases, User Stories and Software Components.