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Exit Point

An Exit Point used when modeling StateMachines in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.


Exit Points are used in StateMachine elements and StateMachine diagrams to denote the point where the machine is exited and the transition sourcing this exit point, for StateMachine elements, is triggered. Exit points are a type of pseudostate used in the StateMachine diagram.

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Exit element

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OMG UML Specification:

The OMG Unified Modeling Language specification, (v2.5.1, p.313) states:

An exitPoint Pseudostate is an exit point of a StateMachine or composite State that provides encapsulation of the insides of the State or StateMachine. Transitions terminating on an exit point within any Region of the composite State or a StateMachine referenced by a submachine State implies exiting of this composite State or submachine State (with execution of its associated exit Behavior). If multiple Transitions from orthogonal Regions within the State terminate on this Pseudostate, then it acts like a join Pseudostate.