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With the Geography Markup Language (GML) facility in Enterprise Architect, you can model organization- or community-based application schemas effectively. These models illustrate the relationship between Features and their corresponding elements, which can encompass various Properties that define their characteristics. These properties can be based on predefined Types, DataTypes, CodeLists, or Enumerations.

Collaboration is seamless within Enterprise Architect's GML feature, allowing geospatial professionals to work alongside colleagues in various disciplines such as Strategy, Goals, Requirements, Data Models, Software, Deployment, and more. This integrated approach fosters efficient communication and collaboration across teams.

GML, defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), serves as the XML grammar for expressing geographical features. It functions as both a modeling language for geographic systems and an open interchange format for geographic transactions on the Internet, ensuring compatibility and interoperability in geospatial applications.

Edition Information

  • Integration with GML is available in the Professional, Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect

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