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End Event

A BPMN 2.0 End Event indicates where a particular Process ends. Every Process in Enterprise Architect must end with an End Event.

Display BPEL Properties

  • Double-click on the End Event in the BPEL diagram
  • Right-click on the End Event | BPEL | BPEL 2.0 Properties




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Specify the name for the End Event.

Event Type

Select the type for the End Event, namely:

  • Cancel
  • Compensation
  • Error
  • Escalation
  • Message
  • Multiple
  • None
  • Signal
  • Terminate

Details Tab

Depending on the selected Event Type, the 'Details' tab changes:

  • Message Event Type:
         -  Pool Package - Select the Package that represents one of the
             involved Participants
         -  Operation - Select an Operation from the list of operation(s)
             in the selected Pool Package
  • Compensation Event Type:
         -  Activity - Select an Activity from the list of Activity elements
            under the current Process or Sub-Process
  • Error Event Type
         -  Error - Select an Error element


Save the values entered in the dialog.


Discard the values entered in the dialog.


Display this Help topic.


Open the 'UML Properties' dialog.

Properties Dialog


  • The Compensation Event type is valid only on an Event Sub-Process
  • Cancel, Escalation, Multiple and Signal Event types cannot be mapped to BPEL 2.0