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OWL Relationship and Semantic Examples

We have already seen examples of some of the core OWL relationships, namely Domain and Range but we will now look at the semantic relationships that further qualify and constrain the classes in the ontology.

Disjoint With

The Disjoint With semantic relationship describes the fact that an element cannot be an instance of both the MeatTopping class and the VegetableTopping class. The ontology makes the relationship between classes and instances explicit ensuring that both humans and computers understand the rules of the domain we are describing.

Complement Of

The ComplementOf relationship statement describes a class for which the classes at the arrow end of the relations are exactly those individuals that do not belong to the class at the line end of the relationship. It is analogous to logical negation: the class extension consists of those individuals that are NOT members of the class extension of the complement class.

In this example Seafood and Meat toppings are both not Vegetarian Toppings.

Union Of

In this example the Vegetarian Topping OWL Class is connected to a number of 'Vegetarian' Toppings including Vegetable and Herb Spice Topping. The arrow head of the relationship points away from the more general class.