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VDML Toolbox Pages

The VDML Toolbox pages contain the elements and connectors used for each of the diagram types, including:

  • Role Collaboration
  • Value Proposition Exchange
  • Activity Network
  • Collaboration Structure
  • Capability Library
  • Capability Heatmap
  • Capability Management
  • Measurement Dependency

Value Proposition Exchange Toolbox pages showing elements and connectors.



Work contributed to a collaboration by a participant in a Role of the collaboration. A role might be filled by another collaboration and a role might contribute to multiple activities in the same collaboration.

Business Network

A collaboration between independent business (or economic) entities, potentially companies, agencies, individuals or anonymous members of communities of independent business entities, participating in an economic exchange.


Ability to perform a particular kind of work and deliver desired value.

Capability Method

A collaboration specification that defines the activities, deliverable flows, business items, capability requirements and roles that deliver a capability and associated value contributions.

Capability Offer

Identifies the Capability Method and/or Pool of Actors that provide the Capability as well as significant resources that are used to deliver the Capability.


Collection of participants joined together for a shared purpose or interest.


A loose collaboration of participants with similar characteristics or interests.

Measurement Characteristic

Characteristics of different measurements often contained in a measurements library.

Org Unit

An administrative or functional organizational collaboration, with responsibility for defined resources, including a collaboration that occurs in the typical organization hierarchy, such as business units and departments (and also the company itself), as well as less formal organizational collaboration such as a committee, project, or task force.


A store that contains re-usable resource, i.e., resource that is returned to the pool after having been used, so that it is again available for use.


Ports are the connection points for inputs and outputs to Collaborations, Activities and Stores


An expected behavior pattern or capability profile associated with participation in a collaboration.

Role Swimlane

A way of represent a role in an Activity Network diagram.


Represents a container of resource. The resource that is stored is identified by a business item.

Value Proposition

Expression of the values offered to a recipient evaluated in terms of the recipient’s level of satisfaction.


Capability Association

Capability Dependency

Suggests a possible dependency between two Capabilities, indicating that one Capability requires a deliverable that is provided by the other.

Deliverable Flow

The transfer of a deliverable from a provider (or producer) to a recipient (or consumer).

Internal Port Delegation

Delegates Ports of a Collaboration to Ports of Activities or Stores inside the Collaboration, ensuring that the internal structure of a Collaboration need not be visible to the Activity that delegates its work to the Collaboration.

Measurement Relationship

Specifies relationships between Measurements, which represent aggregations, rankings or other transformations, dependent on the particular semantics of the various types of Measurements (and their underlying Measures).

Role Assignment

Assigns a role to one or more participants.

Role Containment

Shows the structural relationship between roles, indicating that a role contains other roles.