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Create Elements From Maintenance Item

A maintenance item identifies a defect, change, issue, task, feature or document concerning an element. The maintenance item could itself be represented by an element if it has wider implications for the project or identifies - for example - an actor, activity or action that requires further definition.

You can create one or more elements from any maintenance item, using the Maintenance window. The new element is connected to the maintenance item's parent element by a Dependency connector. The original maintenance item remains unchanged as a characteristic of its parent element.


Use one of the methods outlined here to display the Maintenance window appropriate to the maintenance item from which to create a model element.

In the Maintenance window: Right-click on the maintenance item > Create as New Element

The 'New Element' dialog displays.


Construct > Change Management > Features > Show Features Window

Construct > Change Management > Changes > Show Changes Window

Construct > Change Management > Documents > Show Documents Window

Construct > Change Management > Issues > Show Issues Window

Construct > Change Management > Tasks > Show Tasks Window

Construct > Change Management > Defects > Show Defects Window

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+8 > <required tab for item type>

Select any of the Maintenance items on a diagram or in the 'Details' tab of the Inspector window, then press Shift+Enter

Create an element from a maintenance item

On the 'New Element' dialog, complete the fields.



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The two 'Toolset' fields default to the last-set domain and Perspective. If these are not appropriate to this task, click on the drop-down arrows and select the correct domain and Perspective.


The 'Name' field defaults to the name of the Maintenance item. If necessary you can overtype it with a different name, or click on the Auto button to apply a name from your auto naming and numbering system.

Auto Names and Counters


Click on the drop-down arrow and select the required element type; you might create:

  • An Issue element for an Issue maintenance item
  • A Defect element for a Defect maintenance item
  • A Change element for a Change or Feature maintenance item, or
  • A Task for a Task maintenance item

The types are filtered by the Toolset you have selected; if the element type you require is not listed, you can change the Toolset to provide that type. You can, therefore, create a wide range of other element types should any of these be more appropriate.

Add Elements Directly To Packages


If you require the element type you have selected to be refined by a stereotype, click on the drop-down arrow and select the stereotype name. The stereotypes are listed in alphabetical order.

Add Element to Diagram

This option is enabled when you have a diagram open. If you want the new element to be added to a diagram, have that diagram open and select this checkbox.


Click on this button to add the new element to the Browser window and, if appropriate, the diagram.

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