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Review Allocated Work

The 'Allocated Work' tab lists the elements to which your model Author ID has been allocated as a resource, where your Author ID is the same as:

  • Your Enterprise Architect security user ID, if security has been enabled, or
  • Your workstation login ID if security has not been enabled

For each element, the tab:

  • In the left-hand panel lists the roles or tasks assigned to you as a resource on that element, for which the 'Complete %' field value is less than '100'
  • In the right hand panel displays a Gantt chart showing your progress in performing each role or task

You can add further work items for an element through the 'Allocated Work' tab; however, you cannot delete any records. A record is no longer listed when the 'Complete %' field value is '100'.

You or your supervisors can also add records through the Resource Allocation window.



Start > Personal > My Gantt > Allocated Work

Select Allocated Work options



See also

Review element properties

Double-click on the element name.

(Alternatively, right-click on the element name and select the 'Show Element Properties' option.)

The 'Properties' dialog for the element displays; review the pages as required.

Properties Dialog

Review resource task details

Double-click on the task item.

(Alternatively, either:

  • Double-click on the progress bar for the item on the Gantt chart, or
  • Right-click on the task or role name and select the 'Show Task Properties' option)

The 'Assigned Resources' dialog displays, which has the same content, format and functions as the Resource Allocation window, in 'Item' mode.

Should it be necessary to reassign the item to another resource, click on the drop-down arrow on the 'Resource' field and select the appropriate 'Author ID'; when you save the changes, the item no longer appears in the list of tasks assigned to you.

Resource Allocation

Create new task item

Right-click on the element name and select the 'Add Resource' option.

The 'Assigned Resources' dialog displays, with your Author ID in the grayed-out 'Resource' field.

Complete the dialog as for the Resource Allocation window.

Refresh display to incorporate changes

Your work item can be edited in a number of places in Enterprise Architect, such as the Project Task Allocation window and the 'Resource Allocation' tab; the element to which it is assigned can be edited in these and many other areas.

To refresh the display with any changes made elsewhere, right-click on the display and select the 'Refresh' option.

Resource Allocation Project Task Allocation Properties Dialog

Display the Resource Allocation records for the element

Right-click on the entry and select either of the options:

  • 'Show Element Resource Allocation window' (if the window is closed or hidden)
  • 'Find Task in Element Resource Allocation window' (if the window is visible but showing the details of another element)

The Resource Allocation window displays, with the details of the selected entry shown in the fields and the other resource allocations for the element listed in the left-hand panel.

You can edit the details and, if necessary, change the resource allocated to the element.

Resource Allocation Assign Multiple Resources

Display tasks for today only, or for another day only

Right-click on the display and select the option:

  • 'Show only Active tasks for today' - to show only tasks that are in progress today
  • 'Show only Active tasks for another day' - to show only tasks that were in progress on a specific day in the past, or that are scheduled to be in progress on a day in the future; a calendar dialog displays from which you select the day to examine

Filter the display by Start or Completion date

The display default is to show current tasks for which the end date has not  yet occurred. Right-click on the list and select one of the options:

  • 'Include Completed Tasks Within the Last ...' - to display incomplete tasks and tasks completed only within the last period; you can set this period to 7, 30 or 90 days, or you can include all completed tasks, or hide all completed tasks
  • 'Include Future Tasks Starting in ...' - to display current incomplete tasks and completed tasks (depending on the setting of the 'Include Completed Tasks Within the Last ...' option) and future tasks that have been recorded and are due to start within the next period; you can set this period to 7, 30 or 90 days, or you can show all tasks that have been recorded but are not yet due to start

Identify overdue tasks amongst the items

Right-click on the display and select the 'Display Highlight For Overdue items' option and one of its sub-options:

  • 'Show in Red' - to display the uncompleted percentage of the task bars for overdue items on the Gantt chart in red
  • 'Show in Red to Current Date' - to extend the task bars of the overdue items to today's date, and display them in red
  • 'None' - to cancel any overdue item highlighting that has been set

Display ONLY overdue tasks

Right-click on the display and select the 'Show Overdue Items Only' option.

The display shows only those items for which the end date has passed but that are not 100% complete. These items do not have red highlighting.

Locate the element in the Browser window

Right-click on either the element or the work item and select the 'Find in Project Browser' option.

The appropriate Package hierarchy expands in the Browser window, and the selected element is highlighted.

Reposition the Gantt chart to automatically show the end date of a selected allocation

Right-click on the display and select the 'Go to | Auto Sync with Task End Date' option.

Whilst this option is selected (with a tick next to it), whenever you click on an allocation in the 'Allocated Work' tab the display adjusts to show the end date of the task in the center of the chart.

Expose hidden sections of the work item progress

Some items might operate over a long period of time, and you might not be able to display the complete progress line for the item in the Gantt chart.

To locate the start point, expected end point, or today's date on the progress line for an item, right-click on either the item or the progress line and select the appropriate option:

  • Go To | Task Start Date
  • Go To | Task End Date
  • Go To | Today's Date

The Gantt chart shifts left or right to position the required point in the center of the display.

Execute Scripts

If scripts have been defined for analyzing the task data, click on the 'Scripts' option to display the list of script names. Click on the appropriate name to execute the script on the selected item or items.

Filter the work items

You can refine the list of work items to show only those containing text that matches the filter item.

Right-click on the tab and select the 'Show Filter Bar' option.

The filter bar displays at the top of the panel; type in the filter text.

As you type, the items listed and the Gantt chart are filtered to show only items where the item names match the text string.

The filter does not operate on the element names.

If you do not want to use the filter, right-click on the tab and select the 'Hide Filter Bar' option.

Capture an image of the Allocated Work data as a graphics file

Right-click on the tab and select the 'Save Image to File' option.

The 'Save As Image' dialog displays, on which you specify the file name, location and graphics file type to save to.

Copy an image of the Allocated Work data to the clipboard

Right-click on the tab and select the 'Copy Image to Clipboard' option.

You can paste the image from the clipboard into your preferred graphics application.

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