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Add Object Links

In the Library window you can create hyperlinks from a Document to any elements and diagrams that are associated with it. This helps you to:

  • Rapidly navigate to the objects in the Browser window
  • Access the element properties, and
  • Open a diagram directly from the Library window

You can also create links to:

  • Other Categories, Topics and Documents in the Library window
  • External files from a file browser




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Associate an element, diagram, external file or Library item with a message

Drag the object over the required Category, Topic or Document in the Library window, from the:

  • Browser window
  • Package Browser
  • 'Views' tab of the Focus window
  • Model Search window or
  • External file browser

To create a link to another Library window item, press Ctrl as you drag that item over the required Category, Topic or Document.

If it does not already exist, a Model Links folder is created under the selected Library item, and the link to the dragged object is added to the folder.

The Browser Window Package Browser Model Views Portal Model Search

Associate an external file with the message text

From any browser, click on and drag the file name into the text of the message.

The filename becomes a link to the file; click on it to display the contents of the file.

The external file name also becomes a link to the file within the message when you drag the filename onto a Topic to create a Document.

Add a New Document

Review Options

To review an object in the Model Links folder, right-click on the object to display the navigation context menu.



See also


Open the linked diagram or external file.

Alternatively, double-click on the diagram link.


Display the 'Properties' dialog for the selected element or diagram.

Alternatively, double-click on the element, attribute or operation link to open the 'Properties' dialog of the object.

Create (Edit) Linked Document


  • Open the 'New Linked Document from Template' dialog, to begin creating a new Linked Document on the element, or
  • Open the 'Linked Document Editor' to change an existing Linked Document

Find in all Diagrams

Open the diagram in which the element is used, or display a list of several diagrams in which the element has been used.

Find in Project Browser

Highlight the element or diagram in the Browser window.

Locate Item

Highlight, in the Library window, the Library item linked to the message.

Alternatively, double-click on the link in the Model Links folder.

Delete Model Link <name>

Delete the association between the Document and the object.