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Properties Window for Elements

The docked Properties window provides a convenient and immediate way to view and edit properties of modeling objects such as elements. When the Properties window is open and you click on an element in a diagram or in the Browser window, the Properties window displays the general properties and usually provides specialized tabs appropriate to the particular type of element. For example:

  • Port and Part elements have a 'Property' tab and a 'Redefined/Subsetted' tab
  • Class and Signal elements simply have an 'Element' tab, a 'Translation' tab and a 'Tags' tab
  • Objects have a 'Run States' tab
  • Activity elements have 'Behavior', 'Parameters', and 'Partitions' tabs
  • Action and Invocation elements (depending on their type) have 'Action', 'Trigger', 'Behavior', 'Arguments' and 'Call' tabs
  • Action Pins have a 'Pin' tab
  • Checklists have a 'Checklist' tab
  • System Boundaries have a 'Boundary' tab on which you define the element appearance

The specialized tabs are described in the Help where each specific type of element is discussed. Not all tabs and fields on the Properties window are currently documented for all element types. The principal tab for elements is the 'Element' tab.

For information on this tab, please refer to the Element Tab Help topic. The 'Translation' tab is described in the Translation Facilities Help topic, and the 'Tags' tab is described in the Tagged Values Help topic.

As you review the properties for an element, you can edit the values by overtyping them, or by clicking on the drop-down arrow or browse button to select alternative values.



After selecting the Properties window using one of these methods, click on the first required element.

Start > Application > Design > Properties   or

Design > Element > Editors > Properties  or

Explore > Portals > Windows > Properties > Properties

Keyboard Shortcuts



Alt+1 | Properties

Alt+5 | Properties


  • If your organization uses WebEA on the Pro Cloud Server, it is likely that the 'Project' section of the 'Element' page will have a 'WebEA' field showing the https address of the element for access by WebEA; this field is enabled by the Project Administrator, setting the model's web address in the 'URL' field of the 'Cloud' page of the 'Manage Model Options' dialog, and is automatically filled with a composite of the model URL, the model number in WebEA, and the diagram's GUID

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