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Publish Toolbar

The Publish Toolbar provides access to a number of facilities for capturing details of your model structures in a document or report for more general and external distribution.



Explore > Portals | Show Toolbar | Publish

Publish Toolbar Options



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Generate Documentation

Opens the 'Generate Documentation' dialog, on which you specify the parameters for generating a document on the content of the selected Package in PDF, RTF or DOCX format.

How To Generate Documents

Custom Document

Prompts you to specify a name for a custom Linked Document, held in a Document Artifact element, into which you can type, paste or link any material you require on the selected Package. The Document Artifact is created as a child element of the selected Package.

Custom Documents

Preview Mode

Displays an instant dynamic document on the selected element.

Dynamic Document View

Publish As

Publish the currently-selected Package to a file in one of a number of different XML formats, for use in your preferred external tool, such as Rational Rose.

Model Publishing to Various Formats

Create a New Document File

Opens a new, blank, Linked Document in the Document Editor for the selected element or Package.

Edit Linked Documents

Reusable Asset Service

Displays the Reusable Asset Service view through which - if you working via a connection to the Cloud - helps you to connect to your Reusable Asset Service registry and review the registry contents.

Save Diagram Image to File

If you have a diagram open this icon displays the 'Save as Image' browser, which you use to create and save a file containing an image of the diagram.

Save Diagram Image to File

Print Diagram

Print the current diagram on the locally-defined printer.

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