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Add-Ins Panel

This panel provides the facilities for enabling Add-Ins and displaying any windows that they define. The panel also provides icons to access unassigned Add-Ins.

Available Facilities



See also

Manage Addin

Displays the 'Manage Add-Ins' dialog, which you use to enable or disable Add-Ins for use; an Add-In that is disabled is not loaded when you start up Enterprise Architect, and no icon appears for it in the ribbons.

The Add-In Manager Custom Docked Window

Addin Windows

Displays the Add-In window, which contains any window that has been defined to display in this space, for the currently active Add-In.

<unassigned Add-Ins>

An Add-In that is not assigned to an 'Add-Ins' panel in a specific ribbon will have an icon in this 'Specialize > Add-Ins' ribbon panel.

The Zachman Framework