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Help Panel

The 'Help' panel provides access to the extensive Help system and to a wide range of on-line facilities to support your use of the tool, including the management of License Keys. The Help system contains both overviews of functional areas of the application and detailed topics on how to use specific tools, helping you to be highly productive. The Help is normally accessed as an on-line, web-based system, but you can select to download a file-based version of the Help to provide a local Help system. You can also open the Learning Center, which provides user-focused guidance for common tasks, especially those specific to your own use of the system that you have documented yourself.

Available Facilities



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The Help icon displays a menu containing a wealth of options for opening and exploring the Help, obtaining information from a number of other sources, and requesting support from Sparx Systems.

  • Open Help - opens the Help as a set of pages in HTML format, either on the web or local to your system, beginning with the Introduction to Enterprise Architect topic
  • Search Help - opens the 'Find in Files' search facility, which you use to specify and search for a text string in the Help
  • Go toTopic - opens a specific Help topic that you identify by name, if you already know the topic you want to display
  • Explore Online Resources - opens a submenu of options for accessing resources on the Sparx Systems web site:
         -  Install Help Locally - displays a prompt to download the 'EA
            UserGuide' installer file (EAUserGuide.msi), which you use to
            install the Help files locally       
         -  User Forum and News - opens the Sparx Systems User Forum,
            which you can read as a guest or as a logged-in user
         -  Request a Feature - opens the standard form for submitting a
            request for a feature you would like to see in Enterprise Architect
         -  Bug Report Page - opens the standard form for reporting the
            details of a bug you have found in Enterprise Architect (also
            prompts you for your registered user ID and password)
         -  Automation Interface - opens the Sparx Systems web page on the
            Automation Interface, providing a number of examples of its use
         -  Introducing UML - accesses the Sparx Systems online UML tutorials
         -  Pricing and Purchase Options - displays details on purchasing or
            upgrading Enterprise Architect over the internet
  • Open Keyboard Accelerator Map - displays the 'Help Keyboard' dialog, which identifies which keyboard keys have been mapped to Enterprise Architect commands; you can customize these mappings if necessary
  • Open the Example Model - opens the EAExample model within the current instance of Enterprise Architect
  • Configure On-line Help Translate - displays a short dialog in which you specify the language into which you want to translate the online Help when you display a page; the requested page is passed to the Google Translate site and displayed in the specified language (this option does not operate on the downloaded local Help)
  • Register and Manage Your License Key(s) - configure and manage the license keys used to register Enterprise Architect and its Add-Ins
  • Check for Updates - displays the Sparx Systems web page on the latest build and its release notes
  • View the License Agreement - displays the Enterprise Architect End User License Agreement
  • Ordering Information - displays information on how to purchase Enterprise Architect
  • Pro Cloud Server Connection - where the current repository is a Pro Cloud server repository, this displays in the System Output window: the version details, the response of a ping to that Pro Cloud Server and the timing of a simple query
  • Read Me - displays the Readme.txt file, which details the changes and enhancements in Enterprise Architect, build by build
  • About EA - displays a window showing your installation details, including the program version, your registration key, your repository connection, the Enterprise Architect edition and your user id
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Home Page

Click on this option to open the Home page of the Sparx Systems web site.

Help and Support


Click on the drop-down arrow to display these commands;

  • Learning Center - displays information from the Learning Center as a view in the central workspace area
  • Download Library - Opens the web page for the Learning Center library, from which you can download the Learning Center into your file system:
  • Manage Library - install, enable and disable Library files
Learning Center


Click on this option to open the 'License Management' dialog and register a new Enterprise Architect license key.

Adding License Keys

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