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The Window Selectors

There are many useful windows in Enterprise Architect, through which you can create, review and process data in your model. Each window can be accessed though one of several paths, such as ribbon options, menu options and shortcut keys. However, the fastest way to open either any single window or a succession of windows is through the Window Selectors. You simply press the appropriate Alt key combination and click on the name of the window you require in a grouped list.

Another Alt key combination provides access to lists of workspaces, each of which opens a complete suite of related windows simultaneously.

Each window that you open remains displayed until you specifically close it again.

As you gain experience in working in Enterprise Architect, you will find these Window Selectors invaluable for opening the windows you immediately require, to display or update information on the object currently in focus.

The Window Selectors



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Alt+1 - Design Window Selector

The Design Window Selector provides access to the windows for locating, creating and working on objects on the model, including within diagrams. Click on the name of the required window to immediately open it.

The Design Window Selector

Alt+2 - Properties Window Selector

The Properties Window Selector lists the windows for editing the properties, features, structural elements and internal structures of an element. Click on the name of the required window or tab to immediately open it. This window selector can be displayed from both the 'Start > All Windows' panel and the 'Design > Element' panel.

The Properties Window Selector

Alt+3 - Collaborate Window Selector

The Collaborate Window Selector provides access to the Collaboration facilities such as Discussions, Reviews, Journal entries, personal conversations and information concerning the overall model.

The Collaborate Window Selector

Alt+4 - Execute Window Selector

The Execute Window Selector provides access to the Simulation, Source Code, Visual Analysis and Process Execution windows and tabs.

The Execute Window Selector

Alt+5 - Construct Window Selector

The Construct Window Selector gives access to tools for managing resources, changes, testing and project metrics.

The Construct Window Selector

Alt+6 - Publish Window Selector

The Publish Window Selector provides access to facilities for generating static and dynamic reports, exchanging models in part or entire, and keeping the model data accurate and up to date.

The Publish Window Selector

Alt+7 - Workspace Window Selector

The Workspace Window Selector is slightly different from the other Window Selectors, in that it lists workspaces for a number of areas of work or tasks. Each workspace opens a suite of related windows together, so that you have all the necessary tools to work on the task. The panel provides workspaces for model design and construction, software analysis and simulation, and whatever you have customized to support your own working requirements

The Workspace Window Selector