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Database Managers

The list of Database Managers on the Pro Cloud Server Configuration Client's main screen displays all defined repositories that are accessible by Enterprise Architect clients, and the main properties for each. Database Managers can be maintained (added, modified and deleted) directly from the main screen.

The Database Managers list includes these details for each defined repository:




Database Manager

This column includes both a colored icon representing the enabled state (green for enabled, red for disabled) of the database manager and its connection string.


A unique name that identifies the repository.  On Enterprise Architect's 'Cloud Connection' screen this is the value entered into the 'Model Name' field.  An alias can be assigned when a database manager is defined; if this field is left blank the Pro Cloud Server will determine its value.


The number of active user connections, and the maximum number of connections possible.

Note: Typically the number of active user connections is zero, since they are only considered 'active' while a request is being processed. As soon as the data is returned to the client the connection is set to inactive. The number of connections is only refreshed when either the Refresh button is clicked on or a change is made to a database manager's definition.

R / O

A flag to indicate if the database manager has been configured as Read-Only.


A flag to indicate if the database manager has been configured to only allow secure connections.


A flag to indicates if 'Pro features' has been enabled for the repository, this is controlled by the 'Enable Pro Features (OSLC, WebEA and Integration)' option on the Configure Database Manager screen.