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Pro Cloud Server Logon Screen

The Pro Cloud Server Logon screen is the first to be shown when launching the Configuration Client. At a minimum it requires the address and Port of the Pro Cloud Server to connect to.

Pro Cloud Server Logon



Server Address

The Server Address format is:


The server URI can be ‘localhost’, an IP address, a DNS name or a machine name; for example, MyCloudServer. If you are working on the machine with Pro Cloud Server installed then 'localhost' will be sufficient.

Note: from PCS v5.0 the default Port was changed to 1803, in earlier versions it is was 803.


Enter the password you defined in Configuration Client Connection Settings, in the Pro Cloud Server Configuration Help topic.

As a security precaution from PCS version 4.1 onwards the default password is:


while PCS version 4 and earlier did not define a password.  You can set the password to a new value, as described in the Help topic Extended Server Properties.


Click on this button to display the specific page that describes the current screen in the User Guide.


Click on this button to log in to the Cloud Configuration Client.

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