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Example Script

This JavaScript script details how to send a simple request to a Custom Service plugin:

!INC Local Scripts.EAConstants-JavaScript


* Script Name: Custom Service Example

* Author: Sparx Systems

* Purpose: Demonstrate the use of the SBPI automation interface for Custom Service plugins

* Date: 2022-02-28


// Sends a simple request to the plugin with some parameters.

function SimpleRequest()


// Show the script output window

Repository.EnsureOutputVisible( "Script" );

Session.Output("JavaScript Custom Plugin EXAMPLE");


// Send data with the request by adding parameters using InsertSBPIParameter.

var packedParameters = '';

// Optional data to send with extra parameters

packedParameters = Repository.InsertSBPIParameter(packedParameters, 'myNumber', 25);

packedParameters = Repository.InsertSBPIParameter(packedParameters, 'myFloat', 123.456);

packedParameters = Repository.InsertSBPIParameter(packedParameters, 'myString', 'Hello World');

Session.Output("Sending simple request to plugin to 'DoSomething' method");

var response = SBPIRequest('csvc', 'DoSomething', packedParameters);


// Helper function to send a request to the Custom plugin and check for errors.

function SBPIRequest(prefix, method, packedParameters)


// Specify the prefix of the plugin. This is configured in the Pro Cloud Config Client.

var response = Repository.CallSBPI(prefix, method, packedParameters);

if (response == '')


Session.Output('Error from plugin: ' + Repository.GetLastError());




Session.Output('Success: ' + response);


return response;


function main()


// Sends a simple request to the plugin with some parameters.