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Pro Cloud Server Standard Features

The Pro Cloud Server provides a number of features regardless of any licensing, including the facility to connect to models over secure http connections (HTTPS). These core features include:

  • HTTP(S) Connectivity
  • Reusable Asset Service (RAS)
  • Floating Licensing
  • Scheduled Tasks



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HTTP(S) Connectivity

A fundamental feature of the unlicensed Pro Cloud Server is the ability to connect Enterprise Architect on your workstations to a repository via HTTP or HTTPS.

This can easily be extended to include off-site connections to branch offices, off-site workers or outsource vendors. The external connections can use HTTPS connections, via a firewall or using more dedicated VPN-style connections. A core feature is the network data-compression, providing improved performance for remote access across a high-latency WAN.

Cloud Repositories Overview

Reusable Asset Service (RAS)

The RAS portion of the Pro Cloud Server helps you to define Packages that can be used in any model. When a Package is registered, Enterprise Architect and the Pro Cloud Server will track cross-Package dependencies and save that Package in a RAS storage. This makes everything required by that Package available to any repository that has access to the Pro Cloud Server hosting that RAS. The RAS service can also host Baselines, as Baselines created for Package-trees can be stored within the current model or be published via the RAS.

Manage Baselines Reuseable Asset Service (RAS)

Floating License Server

The Floating License Server provides a mechanism to allocate and share Enterprise Architect and other Sparx System Product licenses between multiple users. Licenses are only allocated to users when they open Enterprise Architect; once the application is closed the license is released back into the pool and is available to another user. Therefore, this mechanism of sharing licenses can allow an organization to purchase a smaller number of licenses and make more efficient use of the licenses purchased.

Floating License Server

Scheduled Tasks

The Cloud Server includes optional support for running time-based updates to data. Currently, this is applied to updating a Time Series chart automatically to provide a dynamic view of how a model is changing over time. You can set different time scales for these updates, such as daily, weekly or monthly.

Define a Time Series Chart


  • Connecting to Pro Cloud Server based repositories  requires Enterprise Architect  Corporate, Unified or Ultimate Edition.