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Replication is a useful means of sharing projects between isolated or mobile users, enabling users or groups to work independently then merge their changes to a centralized master repository.

Although the Pro Cloud Server provides centralized repository access for distributed teams, there can be cases where parts of a group working collaboratively on a master repository, need separate repositories for working in disparate locations, but with the ability to synchronize their changes back into the master repository. This model synchronization process is achieved using model replication.

In Replication:

  • A file-based repository is converted to a design master, then replicas are made of the master
  • Users take the replicas away, modify the project, then return their replicas back to be synchronized with the master file.

Enterprise Architect supports replication on two file-based repository types:

  • .qea and .qeax - SQLlite
  • .eap and .eapx  - Jet 3.5 and Jet 4.0 respectively

With a decreased support for Jet (MS Access databases), especially in 64 bit applications, replication using Enterprise Architect's SQLite file-based repository is the preferred option.



Settings > Model > Transfer >  Replication

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