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Distributed Development

Enterprise Architect supports distributed development using two different techniques.


Using replication, geographically separated analysts can update and modify parts of the model in replicas, then merge these back together at a central location.

XML Import/Export

Using XML-based import/export, you can export discrete Packages to XML to share among the development team; this has several benefits over replication:

  • You can assemble a model from only the parts necessary to get your job done
  • You can assemble a full model if required
  • You can assemble a model from different Package versions for different purposes (such as customer visible, internal release only)
  • You can roll-back parts of a model as required
  • There is less chance of 'collisions' between developers if each works on a discrete Package
  • The process is controllable using a Version Control system, or through Package control

XML-based import/export is UML1.3 / XMI1.1 compliant; you can also write XML based tools to manipulate and extract information from XML files to enhance the development process.

XML-based Import/Export is accessed through the 'Publish > Model Exchange > Export' and 'Import' ribbon options.

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