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Native Connection to MySQL repository

In most installations users will be able to create native connections to MySQL database without the need to install or configure any other software.


  • A MySQL database server
  • An Enterprise Architect repository defined in the MySQL database server
  • You know the database user credentials that have SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, EXECUTE and SHOW VIEW access permissions to the Enterprise Architect repository


Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl+O : Connect to Server


Start Page | Server Connection (direct to 'Open Server Connection' dialog)

Project list | Open Project : Connect to Server

Start Page : Manage Projects : Connect to Server

Connect to Repository


In Enterprise Architect, open the 'Open Server Connection' screen ('Project list | Open Project : Connect to Server' ribbon option).


Select the MySQL option


Fill in the details of the database, including Server Name, Port, Database Name, Database User and Password


Click the [Test] button.  A "Connection Successful" popup message should be displayed, including a summary of the server's version details.

If the connection is not successful, the message should include a hint or reason why it failed, the reason(s) listed will need to be corrected before continuing.


Once step 4 succeeds the OK button will be enabled, click [OK] to open the repository.


  • Connecting to DBMS based Repositories is available in the Corporate, Unified and Ultimate Editions of Enterprise Architect

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