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WebConfig - Pro Cloud Server Licenses

The Pro Cloud Server Licenses screen can be accessed from the WebConfig - Home Screen, either by using the 'Add Link' icon found in the 'Server Summary' section, or by clicking on the Server Settings button and then on the Manage PCS Licenses button.

This screen allows you to quickly and easily see what Pro Cloud Server licenses have been defined, and the complete details of each license.

In this example the current Token license is valid from February 3rd, 2019 to February 4th, 2020 and has 5 tokens.

If there is any kind of problem with the license the 'Valid' column will show an alert icon. Mouse-over the icon and check the tooltip for more information on the problem. Details of the issue will also be written to the current log file.

License Procedure

As of Pro Cloud Server version 4.0.30 Pro Cloud Server licenses are linked to the host machine, which is an enforcement of what is stated in the license agreement.

Along with the change to Licensing procedures, Pro Cloud Server 4.0.30 introduced the 'Token' Edition, which provides a more flexible upgrade path by making use of tokens that can be purchased separately at any time to enable only the extra functionality your environment requires.

For the premium editions (Team and Enterprise) the enabled functionality remains unchanged, except that the Team edition now allows seven Pro-enabled models, which is an increase of two compared to earlier versions.

To add a License, the basic procedure is:



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Purchase the required Pro Cloud Server license (e.g. via the Sparx Systems Website).


Create a 'New License Request'.

WebConfig - New License Request


Send the 'License Request' file to the Sparx Systems Sales team with the details of your purchase.


The Sparx Systems Sales Team will then return the 'License Certificate'.


Add your 'License Certificate' to your Pro Cloud Server installation.

WebConfig - Add a License


Your Pro Cloud Server is now licensed!

Pro Cloud Server Licenses

The Pro Cloud Server Licenses screen displays a table with information and actions for each Pro Cloud Server license that has been added.



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License Type

The License Type (either Token, Team or Enterprise). In the case of a Token edition license, this field displays the number of Tokens.


Displays a tick to indicate that the license is valid and enabled. If the license is not valid an alert icon is displayed. Mouse-over the icon and read the tooltip for details of why the license is considered invalid.

Start Date

The date the License is valid from.

Expiry Date

The date the License expires on.


The name of the purchasing company provided on the License Request.


The contact email address of the person or department that purchased the License.


Provides buttons to either renew or delete the License.


Below the 'Pro Cloud Server Licenses' table is a 'Tasks' section, which provides these options.



See also

New License Request

Create a new license request.

WebConfig - New License Request

Add License

Add a license to the Pro Cloud Server.

WebConfig - Add a License

Allocate Tokens

Allocate Tokens to enable specific Pro Cloud Server features.

Note: This option appears only when using the Token edition of the Pro Cloud Server.

WebConfig - Token Allocations

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