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WebConfig - New License Request

Pro Cloud Server licenses are linked to a specific machine. After purchasing the Pro Cloud Server you will be provided with an Installation ID. You will then need to create a License Request file and send this to the Sparx Systems sales team. The Sales team will respond with your License Certificate file.

Note: When creating the License Request it is important that the Pro Cloud Server you are accessing is running on the machine you intend to use. The License Certificate that you are provided with will be valid for this machine only.

To create a new license request, open the WebConfig - Pro Cloud Server Licenses screen, then click on the New License Request button. The New License Request screen is displayed.

Fill in the details of your company and the Pro Cloud Server purchase (refer to the New License Request Form table for more information), for example:

Click on the Create License Request button, then email the saved file to the Sparx Systems Sales team on [email protected].

New License Request Form

The 'New License Request' form contains these fields:

Company Name

Mandatory value. The name of the company that made the Pro Cloud Server purchase.


Mandatory value. The email address associated with the Pro Cloud Server purchase.

Installation ID

Mandatory value. The unique 'Installation ID' that was supplied in the confirmation email for your Pro Cloud Server purchase.

If you purchased your Pro Cloud Server license prior to June 2019, use your Pro Cloud Server version 3 License key.

Start Date

Optional value.  Use this date to request that your Pro Cloud Server License should start on a future date.  If no value is supplied the Sparx System Sales Team will assume the current date.


Optional value.  Any additional comments that might be helpful to the Sparx Systems Sales Team.

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