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WebConfig - Manage EA Floating Licenses

The 'Manage EA Floating Licenses' page allows you to manage Enterprise Architect (and Add-in) floating licenses.

Important: All communications with the Pro Cloud's Floating License Server are performed via HTTPS. Therefore, to use the Pro Cloud Server's Floating License Server functionality at least one Port has to be configured to use the HTTPS protocol (with a valid SSL certificate). See the 'Add a Port Definition' topic for details.

The 'Manage EA Floating Licenses' page has three sections, as described in this topic.

License Server Settings

The 'License Server Settings' section allows you to adjust the settings for handling Floating Licenses.

After adjusting these settings, save and apply them by clicking on the Apply button.



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Total Key Count

(Read Only) Displays the total number of keys in the keystore.

Key leases expire after

These two fields determine when a checked out key is automatically returned to the keystore.

Enter a numerical value, then select either 'Days' or 'Weeks' from the drop-down list.

Auto Checkin

When enabled, if a user closes Enterprise Architect then their key will be immediately returned to the keystore.

When disabled, closing Enterprise Architect will not automatically return the key. Instead, the key remains checked out to the user for the amount of time defined by the 'Key leases expire after' field.

Typically the 'Auto Checkin' option would be disabled if users need to work offline for periods of time. Otherwise, the option should be enabled to make the most efficient use of shared keys.

Group Configuration

The Cloud Server allows you to define groups that only have access to a set number of keys for a specific product. To define and modify groups click on the Configure Groups button.

See the WebConfig - Floating License Groups Help topic for details.

Key Summary

The 'Key Summary' table on the 'License Server Settings' page provides a quick overview of the keys in the keystore for each product type.



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The name of the product.


The number of checked in keys for the product.

Expired Lease (Available)

The number of keys that are checked out but are available because their lease has expired.

Checked Out

The number of keys that are currently checked out.

Total Available

The total number of keys that are currently available for the product (that is, the sum of the 'Available' and 'Expired Lease' values).


The 'Keys' table lists information on each key held in the keystore. Each item line on the table provides options to force the check-in of the key, delete the key, and add new keys.

Checked out keys are displayed at the top of the list, and keys are grouped by product type.



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The product Floating License key.


The name of the product that the key provides access to.

Assigned to

The name of the user who currently has the key checked out. When the field is empty it indicates that the key is checked in.

Lease Expires

The date when the key will be automatically returned to the keystore (based on the 'Key leases expire after' field settings).


Provides the options to manually check in or delete a key:

  • Check In Key
    Only available if the key is currently checked out; select this option to manually release or check-in the key
  • Delete
    Deletes the key from the keystore

Add Keys

The final item in the 'Keys' list is the 'Add Keys' option. Click on this option to display the 'Add Floating Licenses' page, which contains a single field for adding keys to the keystore.

To add a key, type it into the 'Enter Floating License/s' field, then click on the OK button.

You can type multiple keys in the field; each key should be typed on a separate line.

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